Monday, August 24, 2009


Thoughts…too distracted to write too much coherent as there are loads of distractions, noises, musics, voices filling my ears not to mention the constant movements, smells, temperature fluxes and judging eyes over the shoulder. One cannot help but constantly revise their thoughts as they transition from conception to material word with the constant reaction judging resulting in not but the most re-formulated, unoriginal, emulation of others’ perceptions. Is it from lack of confidence? Not necessarily. Being an orator and socially active creature you are prone to constantly reading the reaction of you “audience” and tweaking what you say in response to the reaction. But when you are not looking for a crowd directive, but rather a directly subjective story without outside bias to recall the events as they were experienced by the author, one must eliminate outside stimuli that are foreign to comfort and monotony so that the blank canvas can be painted with the recollection and vivid imagination of the author.