Saturday, August 22, 2009

Existence Beyond Us

What is the existence beyond us? Why are we convinced that there is more than just the physical? What is the world beyond the rational, the logical, the predictable rule-filled world we live in? What else are we a part of? How do I explain the happening that I have seen before, the occurrences that I knew would come? How do I explain vivid dreams that come to life before my very eyes? How do I explain the connection with more than just myself, occurrences that must be more than just coincidence… coincidences that are so predictably expected, though illogical and devoid of mere hap-and-circumstance? How do you explain being guided at exactly the moment you need it? How do you explain finding the answers before you have the questions? Why do we have the propensity for looking for spiritual company, divine explanation, and deeper-rooted connection regardless of background, culture, or location? Does that mean there must be something else? Does that mean we are part of something greater? Is it just our escape and explanation for that which we do not understand?
Where does life take you without reason? Where do you take yourself? Who else and what else plays a factor? What makes the golden rule/ karma/reaction so very real and true? How much does our own state of mind affect our entire being?