Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The building of a my Modus Operandi

In an effort to explain what I know and believe in business, to put forward what is at heart the fore of what I want my company to do, I define the following in speaking for we the people of of the company:
"We are not hired sales men; we are Engineers. We are not here to sell the latest fad; we believe in designed solutions. We will not sell you what is not right for you; we hold ourselves to a higher standard, a strict code of ethics, and a belief in a brighter and better land. We believe in providing solutions to our community of friends, not sales to unfamiliar constituents. We believe our customers should become our friends, not pathways to dollar bills. We believe a company’s method of operating, their Modus Operandi, should not simply be the way business has always been done, but the way it should be done. Not a status quo, but a constant aspiration for improvement and betterment of our business, our community, and our environment. We believe in the “Why” behind what we do, the future of generations untold, the prosperity of the planet as a whole, and ultimately, we believe in helping you."