Monday, September 12, 2011

Fundamental Change

Change... How hackneyed, overdone, overused, rhetoricized, Obama-ized, falsely sold, over-promised and under-delivered.

I won't get into politics as the leaders of our government are in offices with responsibilities far beyond conception of most of us, with unreasonable expectations set by us, and millions if moat billions of voices to answer to. And for full disclosure I believe that the Obama administration is doing the best job that they know how to given the situation and set of circumstances that all by the eldest and wisest of us have not seen. But I digress to the point...

We all signed on for "change" because we believe
as a people of this time that we do not like the way that things are going any more, i.e. Change... But we never really defined what it is or was that we wanted as our goal... Unfortunately in our typical mindset as wealthy American (whether we do or do not realize or accept that individually; just as a spoiled kid will not admit af first that he is well off because of lack of frame of reference) we just pointed out the problem like an infant without the ability to speak... Whaaaah! = I'm unhappy. And just like that SNL skit, "Fix It!" We said, "Fix It, Fiiixxx It!" without fully understanding the root of the problem ourselves... We're beating our head against the wall and complaining that our head hurts. "Fix It", and right back to banging our head we go.

Anyway, we all know this, more or less by now, but what we

... Lifestyle design

I fundamentally believe in supporting, promoting, and working in the culmination of art and engineering, functionality and beauty, creativity and purposeful design. Art as more than sensually stimulating and engineering as elegance... I believe in architecture of life, not just buildings, but land and city-scapes. Not simply non living structures, but making useful templates for the activities we do, the clothes we wear, the shoes we run in, and the cars we drive in. Functional design from life's beginning for the manner in whIch we conduct ourselves... Not to live in a utopian controlled dreamworld society, but to be educated and informed about how the things we do, buy, and way that we interact effect our long-term quality of life, life expectancy, and health. We have the ability to track these things, to begin making more informed decisions, but we need instant feedback without the hasstle of the dialup connection and the clunky personal computer

Planning lifestyle architecture.