Saturday, August 8, 2009


What is change?
What needs change?
What change can I bring?
Why hasn’t it already been changed? Or has it?
How will the change last?
Who or what is the change being brought to?
Can you bring about change just to bring about change?
What is the reason for change?
Can you say I want to change something, then find the something?
Should change be driven by the need for change?
Can you improve upon the design? Make something new?
Maybe there is a need for change…
Would I look to change something if there was no need?
What change is needed?
Change in us…change in me
Be that change…be as Ghandi said
We cannot live the lifestyles of consumption we live indefinitely
We cannot keep growing endlessly without planning for the future
No more can we just live the day by day
No more can we wander aimlessly in the path of existence
No more can we be footloose and fancy-free…
The time of party-on, binge drinking, munchy eating must end as a world
Parties are great in moderation…good times, prosperity, and growth can be had, in moderation
We cannot develop a beerbelly as a world, as a nation, consuming without self control
We must live responsibly
We cannot be merely a consumer economy
We cannot just make money on the assumption that we will keep growing
Growth is not just adding more people to the pyramid; more people to control people, to control people
We have become a pyramid scheme economy…growth and development based upon more growth and development
We have neglected and forgotten the underlying principles, the crap we are actually producing
We have become mob driven, WalMart fed and skill free…
“It doesn’t matter what crap we are selling as long as we sell more of it next year than we did this year”
What do we end up with in the end?... a bunch of crap we don’t need or want…
Well that is where we are… we have a bunch of lives stuffed with crap produced by Asia, paid for by the future
We are fighting wars so we can continue our imaginative growth with money we borrow and soldiers that aren’t ours… people with no loyalty to anything buy money
The United States has become the gold rush story of finance… “strike it rich in the U.S.!”… when the loggers are the ones really making the money
A new power has risen with the human, financial and soon to be political capital to take on the world…
[Enter China]