Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fear and Life

Walking in Life. You can walk in life in many different and distinct ways…stading without direction or motivation, walking without direction (walking to walk), walking without purpose or goals (following a path not knowing where it goes), walking with purpose and direction (you’ve got somewhere to be) , running with purpose (to train), running with direction (running to get somewhere more quickly)… so you can live your life…living to live, living as it comes, living dedicated to some cause, living hard core, living for the next life…
But don’t miss out on the walking because you can discover things you would not have otherwise come across or realized.
What is the scariest thing about walking through the forest in the dark? You are vulnerable…if you were still, you would see, feel and hear all around you…if you were running you would feel as though you can escape the fear… but to revel in it, just walk…feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck… feel scared and understand it.
But is there something more important to see here? Am I Fearing of fear… do you always have to overcome fear? Or can you accept that you will always have fear? New fear, undiscovered, unknown, and untested fears? Does that mean you slide the slippery slope of no longer pushing the envelope, or do you understand that you don’t simply face fear blindly, unintelligently, and just to rid yourself of all fear? You don’t face fear because you want no fear…you face fear to grow…to take that step and find the new ones…you work through these problems, these issues, these obstacle in the road not so there will be no more obstacles (because they will always be present) but because you cannot face a wall of mountains all at once… you cannot sip every drop of that wine of refreshment all at once as the poison will kill you, but taking it drop for drop throughout time it is as the oil of joy and the corn of nourishment… it is the wine of refreshment… a pivotal part of your life. Build your pyramids one block at a time… they are not created by aliens with space ships and time travel all in one fell swoop… but through relentless dedication, hard work, constant re-evaluation, and time. Life is not magic, but persistence. Life is not something that just happens; it is what you make of it. Life will not give you every answer, but is that reason to quit? It’s a start…its growth, development, rebirth, and a new attempt to start something new…to take what you are given and even what you aren’t and make the best of it.