Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Energy? Why now?

Why do I work in the renewable energy industry? Because I believe in a brighter and better land than the one I was born into. I believe it is the right of the people to have energy that does not harm and hinder re-growth in our natural environment. I believe in the right of future generation to enjoy the environment as much as, if not more so than, I do every day, every weekend, every year. I believe we are wasting away our most precious resources and too worried with the day-to-day to plan for the future. I believe our binging habits, our greed and ignorance, our lazy richness, our lack of care leaves us on the cusp of disaster and diminished quality of life for our grandchildren. I believe we eat more than we should, consume more than we must, and feast on the bosom of life not noticing how we drain her energy. I believe it is my civic duty to provide clean energy to the world. I believe it is my God-given charge to fight for the people from the bottom up. I believe it is my job to make Renewable Energy happen as the first major step toward a sustainable existence. It starts here. For me it starts with Clean Energy Center.