Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life in real life the world around

Many people will say this country has issues and most I'll treat it as some unquantifiable, incomprehensible force that controls other people, but somehow does not affect them. The fact that this country has issues deep rooted is termed a problem for the scholars of yesteryears and something our forefathers would be ashamed of.

But what really is this problem? It's definitely not something beyond our capabilities if we just care to take a few moments to give them notice. It's one of those tasks like listening to the stories of our grandparents... It's something you've always said you should do, but you keep pushing it off year after year assuming the time will come at some point. Or even that vacation, or even more that epic adventure you always said you'd have... That time to get away from everything and buy a one-way ticket to the other side of the world. Or even just that sports event of your kids'... It's just one game, he'll live. I'll. Make it next time.
Next thing you know those aspirations of your youth are not but dreams suppressed and hidden away as we call them former immature and childish ambitions.
But deep down we are all rooted as children, with the same raw desires we had at 8 years old

[add proof that we are eight years old at heart... Mer's campaign]

If we only took the time to feed our ambitions with the understanding that we are happy where we are with what we have, we would feel peaceful, no longer restless... Contented, but accomplished


But instead of content we feel frustrated and unhappy with allthatwe have. Pointing fingers at the ones in charge claiming they sold us down this awful river of consumerism and worldly destruction. Saying damn you politicians. Damn you government

But the root of the problem is, we have no frame of reference. The majority of the population has no idea what is really beyond these borders. Sure we see movies, films, and tv specials detailing what many have seen, but as with all our passive entertainment we absorb through the boob-tube, it fail to elevate in  the mind above the level of emotional entertainment, after which we resume our regularly scheduled programming.

We think today that see, watching, and viewing is experiencing... But no it very well is not! What you experience in life is not "just like I saw in that movie"... Movies are no more Sierra nevadas than is the reflection off of lake Tahoe. Sure with the proper setup it may appear with our most prominent sense ever so impossible to distinguish the two... But there is no replacing the physical presence of the mountains, the textures they encompass, the cool breeze sweeping across the lake, the refreshing smells of the healthy high altitude, pine and fir fresh air hinted with mountain mint. There is no replacing experiencing snow for the first time. There is no image that truly gives the feeling of surmounting an alpine peak. There is no substitute for True and real experience.

It is high time our county, our people got out and experienced the reality of life in this country and the next. It is high time we see what there is to see, learn what we have and don't have, and know truly what a blessing and honor it is to be a part of this wonderful world and a citizen of the most amazing country in the world.

This, I believe, my generation is out to demonstrate...