Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Blast from my own Past

I recently found a couple letters that I wrote to myself in 5th, 8th, and 11th grades...Girls I had a crush on, life goals: All-in-all I'm surprisingly on track with my goals at the age of 11...

Letter to myself from 5th-grade (Mrs. Rumball):
"Dear Daniel,
     I am you 7 years ago in the 5th Grade. Are you looking forward to Collage. How Who are your friends, Whats you're favorite food? My friends are Erin, Trever, Daniel, Andy, Kyle. My favorite food is Pizza. I am looking forward to 6th Grade. I want to be
a constructor, Arcatect, or a Enginear. Don't be a Skator or a Gangster."

Letter to myself from 8th-grade:
When I read this I probobly won't remember it. I want to find a new seorce of energy. I want to be an Engeneere. I can't spell well. I am in HONers Science, Algebra 1,2 (I 97.2% passed the CBE), Spanish 2, (I passed the CBE 92%), I got the highest score in my class on CBE in Algebra 1,2 and second highest in Spanish. I'm also in honers English.
Top 5 -

go to a god collage. You can Do IT!!!

Daniel Herr
(I hope I write better by now)"

Letter to myself from the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2002 in Grandlibachen:
     These are the goals you set for yourself your summer at RYLA. Have you completed them by now. Hope senior year was great. Where you gonna go to school? What are you going to do? Anyway here are the goals you set:

  • Complete Eagle Scout (If you havent by now, too late!)
  • Become more social + express things openly. Remember, Vulnerability -> Love + Trust
  • Live + Be happy doing it. Hope is necessary. People really do care about you. Remember RYLA "Fo Sure"
  • Stay in contact with people, be open
  • Be selected into the college of my choice
  • Earn Gold Star in JROTC again!!!
  • Conduct all JROTC staff orderly, timely, and with good, no great, communication.
  • Go to Hawaii for band. Did you go? Was it fun?
  • Graduate, definitly a goal that will be met. The year is almost over. GOOD LUCK
  • Goof off once in a while. Its fun.
How were the rest of your camps last summer? Where they Valuable? How did "We The People" go? Did you make nationals or anything? How was basketball? What about soccer, did you play? How'd you do? What's your final GPA? What're you  highest ACT + SAT scores? Are you, Andy, and David going to Disneyland? Did you Try out for Honor Band? Have you Stayed in contact with Vanessa? EM? Cabin 3 boyz? Spice Boyz? O you remember. Dustin? Sary? Jay? Mario? Larson? Jake (Truckee)? Casey? Brett? Yo-Han? Harp? Toya (Hug High)? Becky (Yeah!)? Gittin Sick of Rope Courses?
  • Hope all is well, stay chill
  • Live a little!
  • Hope your vocab + spelling have gotten better
  • Do some speech contests
  • Don't be afraid to be adventurous
  • Start Playing some Guitar
Best of Luck,

Danny Boy

P.S. Hope nothing bad happened at school this year. Or even in the nation. Don't rush into infatuation."

Some Thoughts @ age 26 (12-June-2011)
     Obviously spelling and grammar have been huge issues for me growing up :). And what 5th-grader wouldn't say, "My favorite food is Pizza." It was the top of my priority list as a Junior in High School, and the only regret that I have to-date, I did not finish my Eagle Scout. All-in-all it's super encouraging that I said that I wanted to find a new source of energy and that I wanted to be an Engineer. I currently have a degree in Civil Engineering, from the college of my choice (after re-applying a time or two and transferring) and am running a business focusing on the construction of renewable energy systems.
     What now future me? MBA? Masters of Science? New business ventures? All I know right now is I have a wonderful girlfriend that I have been trying to date since my sophomore year of high school, I feel like I am making serious headway in the business development world, I've been accepted to start my MBA this fall, and I'm most of the way toward completing my 30-by-30 list... here's what's left (I've added some):
  1. BASE Jump
  2. Whitewater Kayak a Class 5 (I have the kayak now, just need to practice)
  3. Study with Monks and/or Buddhists in Japan or the like
  4. Shoot a sniper rifle and hit a long-range target
  5. Own a hand gun and a rifle
  6. Live without a telephone, computer, or television for at least a month - I've done the Television deal only...
  7. Compete in a dirt bike race
  8. Get my motorcycle license
  9. Fly an airplane
  10. Live by/on a tropical beach
  11. Longboard to work
  12. Learn a martial art
  13. Patent something
  14. Complete a masters in field of interest (MBA, MS, ...)
  15. Wingsuits
  16. Climbing in Utah
  17. Visit Alaska
  18. Backpack Europe
  19. Kite Boarding
  20. Extended backpacking trips - Week+
  21. Start a company and grow to Fortune 500 level - might take a little longer...
  22. Enlightenment - probably more of a lifelong goal than a by 30 thing.
Completed to date from list:
  1. Skydiving
  2. Live in another country
  3. Ski New Zealand
  4. Learn to Surf
  5. Coach High School Basketball
  6. Become a Free Mason
  7. Scooba / Snorkle a major Reef
  8. Heli-Ski / Board
  9. Go somewhere not knowing when you'll be back
  10. Date a model
  11. Date a girl worth taking home
  12. Live off the land - no stores
  13. Go somewhere you wish you could forget