Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life as a science experiment

One vivid point came to me while meditating this evening on boiling humans and life actions down to their most basic elements; and no I don't mean that table of symbols you were forcing into your head in high school chemistry class. I mean the fundamental basis of actions, motives, colors, directions, plants, animals, worlds, and black wholes, yeses and no, light as well as dark. What is the binary bit that grows into the complexity of the human brain start as? As a yes or no? As a black of white?
We are an experience based decision engine...
Even the things we are forced to memorize and learn are an experience; an experience repeated over and over until it has been deemed a significant, unique pattern by our brain. You cant just break us down to chemistry; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen and say that these elements are the basis of decision making... T is far more basic than that. Those elements are only a finite differentiation in an infinite realm of possible atoms where new ones exist and will continue to be invented by time because they must. Are we a study of everything is either one or it is many? That is putting it Much in terms defined by is, still we must boil it down...Because the fundamental defining science of his experiment we call life is the balancing of the equation of inequality. Fundamentally we live in a world where everything from time to space to color, to darkness and light is all part of defining if differentiation exists in and from nothingness. We have all heard that there is a yin for every yan, but this is even more fundamental.
There is an infinite array of colors just as there is an infinite frame of time, it all just depends on how you divide it, what you determine as the frame in which to make reality different.
We could not exist without plants, nor could plants exist without the animal kingdom to re-fertilize, transport, and on every scale imaginable act with some relationship of co-dependence. A balancing act and a definition of differentiation: the ability to grow and move or not move; the ability to process air from one side of the equation or the other; the ability to create or destroy; to eat or be eaten.
It may seem silly and simple at first but to fundamentally consider all of existence to be part of differentiating what is different and how many different ways can some thing or non thing be different opens up a world of possibilities.
As a claim to disarm my view, you might say, these two thing you claim to have as opposites are not opposite in all of their feature. This black is not opposite and 100% different from red; surely everyone knows that white is opposite black. Well yes, maybe from black's point of view. But I say to you that that entirely depends on your perspective. I you are blue, black may be just as far from you as red, whereas white may be entirely too far away from you to balance black.
I believe differentiation is the basis of our thoughts and even existence from to formation of the youngest life-form, brain, mountain, or cosmos to the eldest and wisest with all those recorded differentiating experiences; each more complex than the last. That baby in his cradle is enthralled by the bright colors hanging above him as he first differentiates this color from that, this shape from that, and the changes in their appearance as his changes in time come in contact with their physically different location.